What is the average size of the pikes?

The typical size is somewhere between 60-75cm but pikes exceeding the magic mark of 100cm are caught every week by our guests during fishing season.

What sort of fish will I catch?

We mainly target pike but there is also possibility to catch perch, horn pike, trout and herring depending on season. Salmon is also possible if you go offshore but these areas cannot be reached with our sort of rental boats.

Will we need to clean our cabin before departure or is this service included?

Cleaning is not included in package price and has to be done by guests before departure. Cleaning equipment and instructions is available in all cabins.
It’s also possible to pay for cleaning service and price depends on which cabin you have booked. Prices available on website and in each cabin. If you clean the cabin yourself you must book a cleaning inspection by our staff at least one day before departure.

Is there any restaurants/shops nearby?

Restaurant Havsviken www.havsviken.se is located on site and also a small kiosk conntected to the restaurant. Their opening hours depends on season, with longer opening hours during summer. The city center of Karlskrona is less than 3 kilometers away where you can find bars, restaurants and shops. Several restaurants also offer delivery to our camp on Dragsö.

How many pikes are caught per boat and day?

Of course results variates a lot but in general 5-30 pikes are caught per boat and day. Some boats can report about just a few pikes in a whole day while some boats can report up to 100 pikes in one day, one boat!

What’s the best time of the year to catch pike?

Pikes can be caught all year around. The biggest pikes are normally caught during the coldest months from November to March but the most popular period for fishing is April-May and September-November (spring and autumn season).

What sort of lures do you use?

Pikes are the top predators in our waters and feed on basically anything alive that fits their mouths. Therefore, you can be successful with anything from jerkbaits, rubber baits to pike fly or spinnerbaits. More important is the colours. We mainly use natural colours such as ”Dirty roach”, ”Burbot”, Motoroil but also Red/Black. We also sell a selected assortment of good lures in our reception.

Do we need fishing license in Karlskrona archipelago?

No. You will not need any fishing licenses for fishing in the archipelago. However, some of the rivers that connects to the archipelago requires a fishing license if you plan to fish in the rivers.

Is it possible to go fishing even on windy days?

Absolutely! Karlskrona archipelago is formed with 1650 islands, islets and skerries. This makes it possible to always find areas where the waves doesn’t grow big and by that is possible to fish at.

There is no insurance on the boats. Why?

Due to Swedish insurance rules we cannot insure a rental boat to third part at a reasonable price. Guests coming from other countries than Sweden, there might be an additional insurance to sign within your country. Please check with your insurance company before travelling.

Your packages seems to be set for 3 anglers. What if we are 4 anglers?

All of our fishing packages are set for up to 3 anglers, same price for 1-3 anglers. We recommend up to 3 anglers per boat (Master410 recommended for 2 persons). If you will be 4 persons it’s equally possible at extra charge. Weekend packages +750 SEK or week packages +1500 SEK on any fishing package.

Do you practice C&R?

Of course YES! It’s very important for us that our guest take good care of their catch to sustain a good and healthy pike fishery. Therefore, we recommend all guests to practice catch & release. We do allow to keep a fish for food in the evening, but stockning pikes for bringing home is not accepted. Please also notice that Swedish law only allow to keep pikes in size between 40-75cm.

Can I book one cabin and two boats?

Our fishing packages include one boat per cabin, without exceptions. If there would be any available boats within two weeks to arrival it’s possible to add an extra boat.

Do you offer catch guarantee on guided tours?

No, we don’t. This is fishing and results are variating for many reasons.
In general we catch between 5-10 pikes on half day tours and between 10-20 pikes in a full day tour. Some days less, some days even more.

Do you have WiFi available on your camp?

Yes! WiFi is available throughout the camp and is included for all fishing guests. Access code is received in reception.

What else can we do at your camp?

A great variety of activities except from fishing is available. We have an outdoor Jacuzzi which can be rented all year with access to sauna. Depending on season you can also go kayaking/canoeing/bicycling, play adventure golf on site or take a refreshing swim in the baltic sea. Distance to Karlskrona city is less than 3 kilometers where you can enjoy nightlife or why not just go for a nice dinner and drinks? You can also visit Karlskrona Marinmuseum which was voted to be the Museum of the year in Sweden 2015.

Is it difficult to drive boat in Karlskrona archipelago?

Overall our archipelago is shallow with many islands, islets and skerries. Upon arrival you will get an accurate briefing about how the boat works, what to think about when driving in the archipelago and other useful tips. All Masterboats are equipped with Lowrance chart plotters so you easily can see where you’re driving. We recommend to book a guided tour if it’s your first visit in Karlskrona area. The guide will not only show great fishing spots but also learn and show how to drive safely in our shallow waters.

Gasoline and refueling?

Gasoline is not included. You will receive a full tank upon arrival which shall be returned full. You can also pay 30 SEK/liter to us when you return the boat. During your stay you will have to refill the tank yourself. There is a gasoline station for boats located approx 8 minutes from our camp. Ask our staff on arrival where to fill the tank and we will gladly show you!

Can we leave our gear in the boat during night time?

You are of course responsible for all your personal belongings and we don’t recommend to leave anything in the boats. During your rental time you are also held responsible for items included in rental such as anchor, fuel tank, life vests, sea chart and Lowrance chart plotter. Any lost items will be debited.

Do you take any deposit for the boat during rental?

No, we don’t take any deposits. However, all guests who rent a boat will need to fill in a credit card form instead which guarantees payment in case of any damage.

Will we need a boat driving license to lend your boats?

No, you will not need a boat driving license but you must be at least 18 years old and we recommend to have some sort of experience with boat driving. Always remember that the boats don’t have insurance so any damages caused by guests will also be paid by guest. Normally the propeller is what needs to be replaced when hitting bottom with your engine but in case of serious damage of gear house, costs can be as high as 2300 euros.

What about bed linnens and towels?

Bed linnens and towel is not included in package price. You can either bring your own or also rent a set at 140 SEK (cotton bed linnen + towel). You can either pre-book this service or tell us in reception upon arrival if you will need any bed linnens.

Why are you using Propulse propellers instead of regular aluminium?

Propulse propellers are made of 4 single blades in a material similar to hard composite. These blades brakes easy so that the gear house (hopefully) don’t get any serious and expensive damages. These blades are easily replaced and costs 300 SEK/blade. If we would use aluminium propellers the risk of getting expensive damages increases. It’s also difficult to see on a aluminium propeller which guests has caused which marks/damages if you don’t replace the aluminium propeller every single time these have been touched by stones etc.

What about check in and check out times? Can we keep the boat longer?

Check in time is 15:00 and check out time is 12:00. Same time for cabin and boat, which means that boat needs to back before 12:00 on departure day. However, we do offer early boat hand out (from 08:15) instead of 15:00 at the price of 500 SEK/boat. You can also order late boat return on your departure day at 16:00 instead of 12:00. Price is the same, 500 SEK/boat.

Where can we find a boat ramp if we come with our own boat?

All guests who books a fishing package and bring their own boat can use our boat ramp which is located just next to our camp. If water level is lower than -50cm, problems can accur with successfuly launching the boat since the ramp is located on a shallow area. Berth and trailer parking within our area is also included when making a fishing package reservation with own boat.

Can I have pets in the cottage?

We have a few cabins of different types where pets are allowed. Please state at the time of booking if you intend to bring your pet during your stay.

I just want to book one to two nights, is that possible?

Our fishing packages can only be booked in advance at least Thursday-Sunday, Sunday-Thursday, Sunday-Sunday and Saturday-Saturday. Two weeks before arrival, it is possible to book outside of the booking days in case of leave and that staff are planned.

What is the age limit for hiring a fishing package?

At least one person in each company must be 18 years old to rent a boat or stay in our cabins.

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