Pike fishing

In the wonderful archipelago of Karlskrona you will find some of the best pike fishing areas in Sweden. Karlskrona archipelago is literally known as “The Pike Kingdom” due to the great fishing areas and its healthy pike habitat. You will easily reach these spots with our well equipped boats.


Where to fish?
Depending on conditions and season you are able to fish in a great variety of places in the archipelago. Shallow bays (0.2-2m of depth), between islands, rocks and at open sea. If you visit Karlskrona for the first time we recommend a guided trip on your first day to get good knowledge about where to fish at the moment and also how to drive the boat in our archipelago. Most of times we fish very shallow!

Campsite records
Pike 123cm (48,43 inc.), Perch (2,1 kg), Sea trout (11 kg) and Salmon (24,8 kg).

Fishing season
Pike fishing is possible all year (except from winter if ice appear). Peak season is in March-May and September-November. During these months both size and numbers can be crazy! Normally pikes are spawning in April but since our area is huge, all fish won’t be spawning at the same time so fishing is still possible in April as well!

Perch is also an all year around fish but the best period for perch is late summer, early fall.
Sea trout fishing begins in February and peaks in March-April. There are several rivers to choose from in the region of Blekinge, amongst them the world famous Mörrum river.
Trolling fishing for Salmon and Sea trout begins in late March and reaches into June. Trolling for stationary salmon is at its best in mid May and August – September.

We practice catch and release

Methods of fishing
Methods to catch pike are many. Jerkbait fishing, spin fishing, fly fishing and even float angling. We only accept guests who practice catch and release when pike fishing.
Perch are mainly caught when casting with small spinners and softbaits. Salmon and sea trout are caught by trolling, fly fishing and spinning.

We offer 15 MASTER 500 with Selva/Yamaha 30-50hp – 3 MASTER 410 with Yamaha 25hp –
1 MASTER 500 PRO with Selva 50hp –  2 Jackson Cuda 14 fishing kayaks.

The campsite of Dragsö is located on an island in Karlskrona archipelago. Distance to city center is only 2,8 kilometers. We have a great view over the city of Karlskrona and at the same time nearness to nature.
We have several accommodation options. In total there is 31 cabins + camping. From small 4-bed cabins to large modern cabin suites with private shower & toilet. More information go to ‘Deals & Packages’. 

Other activities
Naval museum, Boda Borg (Questing), Karlskrona’s beautiful old bath house, picturesque village setting, Blekinge Museum, restaurants, bars and shopping centers. About 50 km to salmon house in Mörrum.

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