Karlskrona – The Pike Kingdom of Sweden!

Karlskrona archipelago offers one of the best pike fishing areas in Sweden. Our camp is located less than 3 kilometers from Karlskrona city in Blekinge county. The archipelago offers beautiful nature with many small islands, skerries and shallow bays. Regardless of weather, you can always find places to fish. Perfect for pike fishing with spinn fishing, jerkbait or fly fishing. An average catch per boat by our guests is around 5-25 pikes/day. The best days we have guests that reports about up to 80 pikes/day and boat. Of course results are variating, it’s fishing!

In autumn 2014 one group managed to catch impressive 483 pikes in 6,5 fishing days devided on 3 anglers. 100% catch and release of course!

Our most popular months for pike fishing is in March-May and September-November. However, in our area we are able to fish pike all year. Actually, many big pikes are caught in the winter months from November to February (if ice situation allows fishing with boats).

It is very important for us that our fishing guests practice catch and release to ensure a healthy future fish population. One pike per day for cooking is allowed if wanted.

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