To keep a sustainable fishery and maintain a healthy pike habitat we only allow Catch & Release. All pikes caught should therefore unconditionally be released to the water. If you want to keep a pike for food it’s strictly set to one pike per day to eat. Please be aware that only pikes between 40-75cm is allowed to keep by Swedish law.


Everyone who hires a boat at Dragsö Camping & Stugby fills in a credit card proxy which includes payment in case of eventual damages caused on boat or its engine. Credit card proxy can be shared by maximum 2 persons.

In case of damage that brings boat/engine out of order, replacement boat can only be achieved if there is any boats available. If all boats are occupied, Dragsö Camping & Stugby cannot be held responsible to arrange a replacement boat to the customer during their stay if customer himself/herself have put the boat out of order by damages.

If all boats of the same type as you have rented are fully booked you will be offered another boat type which can vary in size. If customer gets a bigger boat than what has been paid for, the customer will have to pay for the price difference.

If a smaller boat is received due to customer has put his ordinary boat out of service, price difference will not be refunded. If replacement boat is not available and the customer is the reason of his boat is out of service, we can’t guarantee a replacement boat. If replacement boat is received a new proxy deposition form must be filled in.

In case of damage caused by customer resulting in boat gets out of service and help is needed to pick up the boat with staff from Dragsö Camping, a fee of 700 SEK will be debited (pick up cost).  For further begun working hour 375 SEK/hour.

We will give an accurate briefing of how the boat works and how to behave in our archipelago on arrival so damages and accidents can be avoided. Our Master boats are made of 6mm thick aluminum so these are very durable but the engines and its propeller is more sensitive. By listening and following our recommendations you will easily avoid breaking propeller or other parts of the engine.


Boats at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing are not insured for damages. This means that you will have the full economic resposibility if you or your friends would cause any damage to the boat or its engine.

Why are they not insured?
Due to the Swedish insurance rules we cannot insure a rental boat to third part at a reasonable price.
Those of you who are from another country than Sweden, there might be an additional insurance to sign within your country. Please check with your insurance company before travelling!

In case of propeller damage
We mainly use Propulse propellers (composite/hard plastic) on our Master500 boats. Aluminum propellers are used on Master410 (Propulse not possible to mount)
Any irregularities or notch on the propeller will be replaced with a new one. Broken aluminum propeller cost 1800 SEK inclusive replacement fee. Exclusive any pickup costs.
Propulse propeller is to be paid per blade and/or blade attachment. These propellers are made of 4 separate blades and costs 300 SEK/blade and/or 350 SEK/attachment. Exclusive pickup cost.

Will I need any fishing licenses?
No. Fishing in our area doesn’t require a fishing license for foreign nor Swedish citizens.

Making a reservation
When making a reservation a booking confirmation/invoice will be sent to guest via e-mail. If you don’t receive this invoice from us this must be reported. 30 days prior to arrival final payment should be paid for whole reservation. When making a reservation less than 30 days prior to arrival full amount should be paid when making the reservation.
A booking fee of 80 SEK is added to all reservations.

Cancellation insurance costs 250 SEK and applies in case of illness / accident up to the day before arrival. Refunds is made when a medical certificate can be presented, with exception for the cancellation insurance and a handling fee. Cancellation with insurance is refunded with the deductions of cancellation no later than 15 days before arrival without requirement for medical certificate (deduction for online booking 490 SEK otherwise 580 SEK and possibly the bank’s transferring fees). If you have no cancellation insurance no refund will apply.

Time of check in: The check in time at the campsite for cabins, rooms, boats and camping pitches is as earliest 15:00 if nothing else is agreed. Arrivals later than 18.00 must be notified to the reception.

Only one car per camping pitch or cabin is permitted, except the Luxus cabins where two cars are allowed. Extra cars refer to the large guest parking area outside the camping area. Regarding guests with boat trailer: Parkering for boat trailer must be booked in advance for a surcharge.

Time of check out: The check out time at the campsite for cabins, rooms, boats and camping pitches is at latest noon (12:00) if nothing else is agreed. At delayed check out the campsite has the right to charge another day fee.

Insurance: The guest provides own insurance. Checked in guests with valid Camping Key Europe card have a specific accident insurance.

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